District 6000 is one of the Charter District members of the new Rotarian Action Group (R.A.G.) known as RAG4Clubfoot.

Worldwide, approximately 200,000 children each year are born with clubfoot.  Hundreds of thousands of these children will live with a lifetime deformity that will limit their mobility, their ability to walk to school or play with friends and eventually to work.

Rotarians can help us change that!

District 6000 and Ponseti International Association (PIA) based at the University of Iowa are actively working together to form the Rotarian Action Group (RAG), RAG4Clubfoot.

RAG4Clubfoot Mission:  To support timely Ponseti Method treatment and appropriate care for all children born with clubfoot.


1.2 million Rotarians in 34,000 clubs can:

·       Help form the Rotarian Action Group and recruit Rotarians around the world to band together.

·       Provide financial support for healthcare professionals to be properly trained to apply the Ponseti Method.

·       Assist families and caregivers with logistical support, including transportation, housing, food, and other needs.

·       Assist families with the provision of night-time braces to complete Ponseti treatment.

·       Assist with public awareness to reduce the stigma, to spread the message that “Clubfoot is treatable”, and to promote early referral to appropriate treatment centers.

·       Advocate with governments and health officials to provide the facilities and resources to treat clubfoot deformity.

For more information, please visit:  www.rag4clubfoot.org

Administrative Assistant: Angela Jordan, Rotary Club Cedar Rapids Downtown
Contact Patty Roberts of the RAG4Clubfoot Board to arrange for a speaker at your
Rotary club.  Speakers are available to present in all parts of Iowa.  Contact Patty
by phone at (502) 494-0402 or at patriciaroberts7@icloud.com.