Literacy Promotion

Literacy Promotion


Objective: To identify ways to improve literacy and to support District 6000 literacy initiatives.

Jerri Heid, Chair
515 Douglas Avenue
Ames, IA 50010
B) 515-239-5643
C) 515-975-9944



- Provide information to clubs about literacy opportunities, locally and internationally through social media

  1. Establish a blog for communication/information sharing
  2. Establish a Facebook page for Rotary Clubs to share pictures of their events

- Provide clubs ongoing information about early literacy developments
- Challenge clubs to participate in at least one literacy project each year or provide a literacy related element in at least one of their yearly functions
- Convene team members two times each year




1. Encourage each club strongly for a yearly literacy project

2. Establish a Rotary Literacy blog for ease of communication

3. Offer a presentation on Literacy in Rotary for convention

4. Convene team members for a face to face meeting in August