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         Erna Morain Celebrates Her 2019-2020              Governor Of Rotary District 6000 Induction

Young Rotarian's First International Convention


New District 6000 Board Of Directors

August Is Grow Rotary Month

The Great Iowa City Food Fight - The Battle Lines Are Drawn!!! 

The four Iowa City area Rotary Clubs get it on in the month of July with a challenge to each other to see who can contribute the most to the area Food Bank to support District 6000’s emphasis on food insecurity this year.
The winning club gets the high honor of hosting the contest trophy—a plastic turkey spray painted gold and studded with “jewels” of dubious ancestry and value—in other words “priceless”.
Hazel Seaba, President of the Iowa City AM Club, said the club donating the most to the area food bank during the month will be declared the winner. Contributions can be non perishable food or cash. One dollar of cash will equal five pounds of food. 
It’s not the first rodeo for these Iowa City clubs in the food fight. Seaba said that last year the contest raised over 53,000 pounds of food or equivalent. 
Some Iowa City area Rotarians go all in for the contest. Deb Ockenfels, Iowa City AM member and wife of PDG John Ockenfels, regularly takes a truck to Kalona after its regular produce auctions and brings back unsold food to add to her club’s total.
Seaba said that Iowa City Downtown last year took the crown from her AM Club, which had been victorious in 2017. “My club doesn’t plan to let that happen again,” she said. “We intend to wipe out the competition from the other clubs and bring back the trophy to its rightful home with us at the AM Club. Hopefully this year’s contest will also exceed the 53,000 pound level from last year.” 
“What a great way to promote the goal of food for those in need and have a lot of fun at the same time,” said District Governor Erna Morain when she learned of the contest. “I really applaud the Iowa City, Iowa City AM, Iowa City Downtown, and Coralville North Corridor clubs for their enthusiasm, creativity and concern for those in need. Hopefully it will spur other District 6000 clubs to create their own food donations or challenge other clubs in the District to a similar contest. Rotary is all about having fun and serving others.”

Winterset Fills Grocery Cart 

The Winterset Rotary Club surprised DG Erna Morain with a shopping spree at the local Hy-Vee following her annual visit to the Club Thursday, July 11th. They collected donations from club members and collaborated with the Winterset Food Pantry for what it needed. Morain then was given the requested list and assisted by club members to push and fill the cart, then deliver it to the food pantry. 
“I had a lot of fun with the club members and real satisfaction that we could make a difference for those who needed our help in the Winterset area”, said Morain as she finished the delivery. “The Winterset Rotary Club is always finding ways to have a good time while they serve their community in so many ways. They even managed to encourage the Hy-Vee manager to join their club while we were there. I really appreciate their spirit.”

Waukee Celebrates 20th With $20 For Food Pantry


Women In Rotary Series (Introduction)

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The Rotary Game

Have Fun And Make Money For Your Club


Peace Pipe Proposal

Rotary History Coming Alive


What's Happening In Rotary?
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Erna Morain's Photo Gallery For July 2019 

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