Posted by Tom Narak on Jul 24, 2018

I checked with Dennis Drager, our Assistant Governor in Marshalltown, inquiring about the possibility of other Rotary clubs helping the Rotary Club of Marshalltown in the aftermath of the recent tornado.  Here is what he shared with me. - DG Tom Narak
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As we continue to work through the needs of Marshalltown, two very clear needs are cleanup of storm debris and money for rebuilding and help through this difficult time.

Financial donations can be directed to the Community Foundation of Marshalltown at

If you would like to help the Rotary Club of Marshalltown with clean up efforts, contact Dennis DragerIf you want to financially help the people of Marshalltown affected by the July 19 tornado, you can give using the link above or mail a donation to the Marshalltown Rotary Club and they will distribute the funds where needed in their community.  Click here for the details.  Thank you!