Please support our initiative to raise funds for fighting food insecurity in District 6000.   These funds will focus on the need to provide food and nutrition to the thousands of Iowans in the District who have been blindsided by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Food Bank network in Iowa, supplies every food pantry in District 6000. The 3 food banks serving District 6000 territory have a coordinated formula which allows contributions to be distributed equitably throughout the Food Banks based in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids area, and Davenport. 
We are hoping for generous support from our 65 clubs and individually from our 3500+ members in District 6000. Together we can have a real impact and provide assistance in each of our communities.
We encourage you to make your contribution to the District 6000 Humanitarian and Educational Foundation ( D6000 HEF) with a notation in the memo line “Food Bank project” and mail it to District Governor Erna Morain’s home address.  She will tally donations and thank donors.  Thanks so much to all of you who have already contributed!