District 6000 strives to create and maintain a safe environment for all youth who participate in Rotary activities.  Rotarians, their spouses and partners, and other volunteers must safeguard the children and young people with whom they have contact and protect them from physical, sexual, and psychological abuse and from discrimination of any legally protected class of persons.
Required documentation filed with the district office:
1. The Club Compliance Statement verifies that the club recognizes the process outlined in the District Protection Policy and that the club will comply with the vetting process for any member or volunteer who may be working with an underage student unsupervised.  All clubs should file the statement with the district office regardless of the extent of youth exposure.
2. Submitted with the compliance statement are all member or volunteer applications and their background check results.  If a Rotarian driver of students to meetings, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Rotary Youth Exchange, Interact, or any Rotary sponsored youth activity and does not have another adult in the vehicle, that driver will need to go through the application and vetting process. 
3. Due to personal information included in the application and background check, clubs may prefer to submit the required documents to the district via mail service.
A crisis plan should be in place and understood so the club can promptly and efficiently proceed when an incident is reported.  The crisis management team should be prepared to respond to any youth or non youth related incident.