Objective: To identify, encourage and fund students to pursue graduate/professional studies, in universities outside the USA.   The student’s education and career goals will align with one or more of the seven Areas of Focus of the Rotary Foundation.
Implementation:  The Scholarship Subcommittee provides information to Iowa colleges/universities to inform and attract qualified applicants about Rotary Global Scholarship Grants.   The application process will be guided by a team member; the team will interview the prospective student(s) and the recommendation(s) from the subcommittee for the Global Scholarship Grant(s) will be sent to the District 6000 Foundation Committee.
Recent recipients:
Simone Jean-Marie Renault – Global Mental Health @ King’s College – London
Kazra Zarel – Immigration & Refugee Health @ Karolinska Institute – Stockholm, Sweden
Sydney Bergman – Focus on Peace & Conflict @London School of Economics & Pol. Sc.
Dylan Clark – Climate Change & Health Issues in the Artic – McGill University, Canada
James Patton, Chair
C) 712-830-3736