Rotarians share a commitment to serve, and we have an exciting opportunity to help your club expand the Areas of Focus you currently serve based on the collective interests of your members.
This year’s revamped One Summit enables clubs to explore Rotary's 7 Areas of Focus and determine which of these areas resonate most with their members. The process will also help clubs generate new service project ideas and determine which ideas have the greatest member interest.
There are numerous benefits to clubs participating in this new process, including enhanced member involvement, strengthened community connections, and a more focused and impactful approach to service projects.
The best part is that your club's One Summit can be seamlessly integrated into a regularly scheduled club meeting and be completed within the 30 minutes typically allocated for a program.
To assist you, we've provided step-by-step instructions and a PowerPoint presentation to help guide you and your club through the process.
We encourage you to explore this opportunity further, find a suitable date within the next month or two, and have either you as President or your President-Elect help lead your club's Summit. It's an ideal way to connect and engage with your members and make a meaningful difference in your community.
Thank you for your commitment to Rotary, your dedication to serving your club and your community.
Yours in service,
Dave Cook, District Governor-Elect
Gretchen Nollman, Learning Facilitator Team Lead