TRF Program Alumni

Objective: To maintain records of District alumni and encourage their continued involvement with the district and clubs.

Alumni Relations is handled by the Foundation Alumni Committee. There are more than 85,000 people who have received program awards from TRF since 1947! The objective of the Foundation's Alumni Relations program is to cultivate alumni as effective advocates of Rotary Foundation programs, to provide additional volunteers of district/club projects and activities, and to serve as a resource for Rotary club membership and a source of potential donors to The Rotary Foundation (TRF). To accomplish the objectives District 6000 will place a new emphasis on the mission of the Foundation Alumni Committee and we will focus on five primary objectives:

- Develop and circulate a current, accurate district alumni directory or database
- Feature alumni at our district conference
- Support selection of alumni for Rotary club or Rotaract club membership
- Start an alumni speakers/performers bureau
- Keep clubs informed of alumni as a resource for programs/activities

And finally, please realize it is about changing the lives of those touched by the work of Rotarians whether it is here in District 6000 or in a far distance country funded by The Rotary Foundation.

Wayne Steen, Chair
C) 563-607-3367